• 60% of collection profits go to the NFT farm.
  • Each of the new NFT get 0.04 waxp/hour (0.96waxp/day).
  • In less than two months you have recovered your initial investment and your profits begin.
  • Those who buy 5 NFTs of the same series are whitelisted for a free NFT.
  • Those who complete a set can get a free physical sticker (discord ticket)

NFTs with utility

The waxfrens utility

  • PFP in our main site
  • WAXHispano farm earn LEEF *
  • WAXFrens farm earn WAXP **
  • Earn PT Melting pot points ***
  • Blends
  • Giveaways

* All templates can be stacked for LEEF
** Only some templates can be stacked for WAXP
*** Pixeltycoon Melting pot Telegram bot

Native token

The waxfrens collection has its own native token.

We are sharing away 10000 WAXfren tokens among all our waxfrens series holders, each first saturday of month.